Writer’s League of Texas news

Last Saturday was my first meeting as a board member with the marvelous people at the Writer’s League of Texas. If you don’t know about this fantastic Austin-based resource for writers here in the Lone Star state–and beyond–check out their website. Looking for craft classes, readings, advice on that query letter? They’ve got it. I’m so pleased to be onboard! (I’m especially looking at you, SFA alum, in the Austin area. Seeking a writing community now that you’re away from Nacogdoches? Here it is!)


An ode to John R. Tunis

My wife says everything I write is a love letter. This one is, I guess. John R. Tunis was prolific in his time, but hardly gets a mention today. He wrote essays and articles on many topics, but usually he wrote about sports, especially his novels. When I was in fifth grade, I read His Enemy, His Friend and it was my favorite book for years. It’s about soccer, but not really. It’s about unlikely friendship and torn families and loyalty–both earned and misplaced–and, mostly, about grief. It’s the first book that made me cry. I recently came across a memory of Tunis’s about his beginnings as a writer and it struck me: he didn’t know he had talent. At a time in my life when I doubt why I ever picked up a pen in the first place, his life’s work still gives me hope.tunis.jpg