Welcome to my site

Seeing as how I’ve been at this writing thing for quite a few years and finally have my first book of poetry to show for it, I’ve joined the already-far-too-vast blogging world. I know you’ve been holding your breath.

I considered calling this site “Beer, Milk, Bait, and Cheese” since three of those four things are essential to my life, having grown up in Wisconsin, but “John A. McDermott” seemed to cover more ground. What will you find here? Samples of my fiction and poetry. The occasional essay. I’ll probably get to chatting about music, books, and teaching, the things that consume my life. What you won’t find? Recipes. Auto maintenance tips. Politics. (I’m really going to rein it in there. Read my stuff and you’ll probably figure out where I stand.) I’m sure I’ll tell you stories, of the real and imagined sort. Or anecdotes about my kid. About writing. About my favorite bands. My wife told me twenty years ago that she couldn’t be fodder for my art, which I thought meant “no love poems,” but I realized recently that almost everything I write is a love poem. I’m a fan of a lot of things and a lot of people. It comes out in my work.

Also, as someone at the half century mark, I want new writers (who may be young or who may be older) to know that success, however you define it, doesn’t have to come at Year One, or Year Five, or even Year Fifteen. My last formal poetry workshop as a student was in 1988 when a Famous American Poet told me, lowly undergraduate, to try fiction instead of poetry because ‘all your poems tell stories.’ It might have been a nice way to say I wasn’t very good. So I wrote plays, a half a dozen unpublished novels, dozens of short stories, and some essays over the next two decades with small success, then took up writing poetry again about six years ago. It seems that was where I needed to be all along. So, here I am, “emerging” at 50 and feeling all right. Wherever you are, whatever you write (or paint or play or create), keep at it. This is all a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient. That’s my mantra. (I have to repeat it, again and again. I’m still learning.)

So, welcome. Browse through the samples of my work. If you like it, consider buying my collection. I’ll update as the mood hits me and as I have new work to share. Keep in touch and take care, y’all.


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